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Solo Series

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Beachouse Studios

Aspiring adult film star Ry Thompson and beleaguered producer Dan Sebring descend into a twisting web of secrets and blood in this gay thriller series set in the titular company. The two’s unsteady alliance may be the only thing keeping them both alive - if it doesn't crumble under the weight of Ry’s lies and Dan’s mysterious agenda. 

Series Content Warnings: Sexual content (some dubiously consensual), references to offscreen SA, abusive relationships, substance abuse, stalking, violence/gore, use of firearms, mild biphobia, mentions of transphobia

Beachouse Studios (2024)
Beachouse Studios: Second Shoot (Summer 2024)

Beachouse Studios: Threesome (Winter 2024)

Beachouse Studios: Confessional (TBA)

Becahouse Studios: Money Shot (TBA)

Co-Authored Series

Champion Legacy

Heroes rise in this epic fantasy series co-written with longtime friend and writing partner Rakeem Farrar. Each Champion Legacy story explores the lifetime of a hero in the history of the city-kingdom Bethas as it moves through an age of magic and kings. The choices these heroes make will resonate through their legacy.

Series Content Warnings: Fantasy Violence/gore, SA and trafficking mentions

Lendres (2018)

Solrac (Coming 2024)
Leondre (TBA)
Book 4 (TBA)
Book 5 (TBA)

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